The South Boasts Most Affordable Beach Towns, Data Shows

Originally published on August 4, 2022, by Eliza Theiss for Property Shark.

With summer in full swing and scorching temperatures driving city dwellers to try to escape urban heat islands, we analyzed home prices in towns and cities with beaches to see which are the most affordable options for homebuyers looking to move or buy a second home. More precisely, we ranked towns by the local median price per square foot to avoid results being skewed by larger local median home sizes.

Looking at the 25 best-priced beach towns and cities (which actually include 31 locations due to multiple ties in pricing), it’s clear that homebuyers looking for easy access to ocean waters and beaches will have an easier time finding an affordable option in the South. Specifically, 24 of the 31 communities in our top 25 are located in the South: In particular, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas contributed the most with nine, seven, and five locations, respectively. Alabama joined them with two beach destinations.

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