Economic Concerns, Housing Shortage Stressing Low-income Households: ULI

Originally published on August 17, 2022, by the Urban Land Institute.

A long-term trend of housing underproduction exacerbated by rising inflation and economic uncertainty threatens home attainability for millions of people across the United States, according to the 2022 Home Attainability Index, a comprehensive new study from the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Terwilliger Center for Housing.

“Leading up to the pandemic, there were long-term, structural barriers to attainable housing that disproportionately affected low-income households,” said Michael Spotts, Index author and senior visiting research fellow at the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing. “The current uncertainty in the market – such as the long-tail impacts of COVID-19 and inflation – only exacerbate these challenges. This year’s Index examines the impact of recent trends in the context of the longer-term state of the market, with the goal of offering developers and policymakers ideas for how they can create a more equitable housing landscape in the United States.”

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