Suburbs No Longer a Bargain With Rents at New High: Data  

Originally published on August 24, 2022, by Rachel Conner for the

Driven by migration away from expensive city centers during the pandemic, the rental price advantage of living in the suburbs (vs. urban areas) has shrunk by 52.9% compared to three years ago, according to the® Monthly Rental Report released today. As the U.S. median rental price hit its latest all-time high in July ($1,879)a new survey from Avail (part of®)  found that moving to a new rental has been costlier for renters, but there may be market cooling on the horizon as landlords adjust to renter budgets impacted by inflation.

"Whether in a downtown area or suburb, staying put or making a change, renters are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to affordability. Compared to three years ago when rental price premiums were typically concentrated in urban hubs, renting is now nearly as expensive in the suburbs, where the rise in remote work has driven a surge in demand," said® Chief Economist Danielle Hale. "At the same time, the days of smaller premiums for downtown rentals are numbered, as a return to in-office work and city life is sparking a relative uptick in urban rent growth. Put simply, renters are feeling it everywhere, but there may be some relief ahead. Survey findings suggest that landlords are adjusting their approaches to renters' tightening budgets, while July data shows rent growth is leveling off at a relatively cooler pace than in 2021."

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