Some Real Estate Sectors ‘Normalizing,’ Others Seeing ‘New Normal:’ Report

Originally published on October 27, 2022, by PwC.

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PwC US today released Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2023, an annual report highlighting the trends shaping the real estate industry. In its 44th edition, the report includes proprietary data and insights from more than 2,000 leading real estate industry experts, exploring shifts in the property sector since the pandemic, changing investor sentiment toward climate risks, the emergence of impact investing, and other real estate issues within the United States and Canada.

Insights from the report reconfirm two bifurcated market trends: aspects of the real estate industry are “normalizing” and reverting to pre-covid patterns while others have permanently shifted to the “new normal” that was adopted with the pandemic.

"As we enter 2023, the pandemic-driven factors that upended the global economy for more than two years are starting to fade," said Anita Kramer, senior vice president of ULI's Center for Real Estate Economics and Capital Markets. "At the same time, structural changes like the widespread adoption of remote work will likely continue to inform investor behavior. A series of long-term factors such as the rising cost of housing increased climate risk, and declining socioeconomic mobility pose continued uncertainty for the private and public sectors alike. There are also opportunities – the increase in federal infrastructure spending provides the chance to create greener and more equitable communities that can adapt to these challenges."

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