Member Profile: Claire Aufrance, MAI, SRA

  • Where do you live and who do you work for?
    Greensboro, NC at Aufrance Valuations, LLC
  • How long have you been appraising?
    20+ years
  • Who was your supervisor as a Trainee and how did you meet them?
    Paul Snow, MAI (Chapel Hill, NC). I was hired right out of college (Chapel Hill) by Cody Jetton, MAI, and Paul worked for Cody. He was a tremendous supervisor, very patient and knowledgeable. I feel very fortunate to have started my career with such a fantastic supervisor.
  • What is the most unique property you’ve appraised?
    Hmm..So many unique ones. Really, all properties are unique, but several come to mind, including a fish hatchery, winery, megachurch, convention center, and on and on. I have done a lot of weird ones! Some of my favorite unique properties are industrial because I learn about all the products made in this area that I had no idea came from NC. I have also appraised unique residential properties. All of these property types certainly keep things interesting, and keep me on my toes!
  • What is a fact about you, outside of work-life, that people would be surprised to know?
    I used to be an EMT!
  • Anything else you wish to share about yourself and/or your experience as a member? 
    I was welcomed into the AI with open arms from the time of my very first meeting. I love my NCAI family and feel strongly that chapters are "the lifeblood" of the organization. I was recently at a chapter meeting and am proud to say that the traditions of our chapter are alive and well. The meeting had new faces, and I witnessed my peers being welcoming and friendly. We are all in this together, and I am proud to be part of such an outstanding chapter!
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