Meet the Member: Laura Gourlay


Where do you live and who do you work for?
I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I work for the NCDOT as a review appraiser and have my own appraisal business (AccuAppraisal of NC) that I work for nights and weekends.
How long have you been appraising?
Eleven Years
Who was your supervisor as a Trainee and how did you meet them?
John Palmer was my supervisor.  I met him when I worked at SunTrust Bank, and he was trying to get on the approved appraiser list.  We later reconnected at a business meeting, and it was there he convinced me to take the courses and become an appraiser.
What is the most unique property you’ve appraised?
Tough Question – I have done lots of Breweries (it is Asheville), camps, cabins, etc, but the most interesting business in a property I appraised was one that recycled alcohol out of everyday products like beer, perfume, and makeup.
What is a fact about you, outside of work-life, that people would be surprised to know?
I have 5 kids and run Spartan Races.
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