Multifamily Powers On Despite Rising Interest Rates: Berkadia

Originally published on August 30, 2022 by Berkadia.

 Berkadia’s 2022 Mid-Year Powerhouse Poll finds that overall, the multifamily market continues to experience increased demand despite rising rent and interest rates. Berkadia mortgage bankers and investment sales agents (80%) expect multifamily rental demand will continue to outpace supply for the remainder of 2022. The proprietary poll, conducted in July 2022, collected insights from 123 Berkadia investment sales agents and mortgage bankers across 65 offices to assess expected commercial real estate activity and opportunities for the second half of 2022 and beyond.

So far in 2022, investor demand in multifamily properties has differed across regions, with some seeing higher interest than others as migration patterns continue to shift as a result of evolving renter demands. Specifically, Berkadia professionals say that the Southeast region has seen an increase (79%) and the Western region has seen a decrease (45%) in demand. Additionally, survey respondents across the Southeast, Southwest and West agree that they have seen a moderate increase (30%) in property supply in their regions.

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